Brochures on this page provide information on either the OBHPFG, substance abuse prevention programs, or suicide prevention reference materials. Some brochures have additional cover options for tailoring materials to a specific audience. To locate additional cover options, click on the brochure and explore the tabs labelled "Cover 1," "Cover 2," etc.

Substance Abuse Prevention

How to Recognize and Respond to Opioid Overdoses
Brochure describing how to identify and intervene during an opioid overdose.
Opioid Use Prevention for College and University Students
Flyer providing data and resources to prevent opioid use among college and university students.
Opioids in Georgia
Brochure providing information about services offered to stop the opioid crisis.


Office of Prevention
Flyer describing the services and goals of the OBHPFG.

Suicide Prevention

Cover 1
Suicide Prevention

This brochure includes information about suicide prevention, including warning signs, how to…

Suicide Prevention - A Guide for Faith Communities

Brochure outlining suicide prevention practices within faith communities. 

Cover 1
Suicide Prevention - A Guide for Professional Caregivers: Youth Suicide Prevention

Brochure detailing important components of youth suicide prevention for professional caregivers…

Suicide Prevention - Best Practices for Telehealth during COVID-19

Brief infographic explaining the suicide prevention best practices for telehealth during the…

Suicide Prevention - Postvention

This brochure details postvention, which is a process that promotes healing and the reduction of…